“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir 



In early Spring 2009, Seamans’ Orchard planted their Cherry Orchard. Our Cherry Trees are located in a prime location on the farm with some of the most beautiful views you will ever see.

Seamans’ Cherry Orchard opens in June. A definite opening date is decided by Mother Nature. We can only give a rough estimation. Mother Nature has the final say. Please call to confirm a definite opening date.


Pick your own CLOSED

pre-picked available

Tuesday to Friday 8am to 6pm

Sat 8am to 4pm

Sunday 12:30pm to 5pm



Phone: (434) 277-8130 


Due to Food Safety Regulations

No pets please, SERVICE Animals ONLY!

Please visit our Visitor  Guidelines page.

It provides important information about visiting us!

Get Directions

For information call (434) 277-8130. Also, like us on Facebook Facebook  Be sure to click the drop down arrow on the ‘Liked’ button and click ‘get notifications’ to receive all our posts.

We have pick-your-own cherries and pre-picked cherries upon request. We offer containers to use when picking or you can bring your own. Our cherries are sold by the pound if you pick them or by the quart if they are pre-picked. We ask that you call ahead to reserve pre-picked cherries.

Hours During the Season:

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

8am to 4pm Saturday

12:30 to 5pm on Sunday.

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