Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

2020 Strawberry/Cherry/Blueberry Season Changes due to Covid-19


~ You will have to use our Pick-Your-Own containers.  Containers will NOT be re-used.

~ We will have hand washing stations available and you will have to wash your hands       when you enter and exit the patch.

~ Social distancing will be practiced.  6-ft a part in and out of the patch.

~ Please call or check our Face Book page to see the current picking conditions in the patch before coming to pick.  Things can change quickly.

~  There will be a limit of four people in a “picking” group (children included)

~ Wearing a mask will be required-please bring your own

~ If you touch the berry please pick the berry and put it in your basket

~ You will NOT be allowed to “sample” our strawberries,blueberries or cherries! Please wait until you are home so you can wash your hands before eating the strawberries

~  We will be selling PYO strawberries/cherries/blueberries in 1-qt containers and 4-qt baskets.  (there will be a flat price per container, pricing depends on size) You will pick the basket/quart up at the front porch, pay for the berries and head to the patch.  After you fill the basket/quart you are all checked out and ready to go home.

~ We will also offer Pre-Picked Strawberries/cherries/blueberries. Please call ahead to reserve them.

~  If you are sick please stay home.

~  Parents with children are asked to keep their children close with them while picking and during their visit with us.

~ Due to food safety regulations we ask that you leave your pets at home.  Only service animals will be allowed.

~ We will have a square store open and you will be able to prepay for your PYO containers or for Pre-picked Items.  PYO customers just give us your name and get your PYO containers.  Pre-Picked customers can park (we will have a pickup parking space marked), call us and we will bring your order to you and place it in your vehicle.

~ Still have FUN


So many changes….We are truly sorry about this. We want to make sure we do everything we can to keep us all safe and healthy.